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We started with innovation and passion

Come in to being in 1993, MONASIL has started as a small workshop with not more than 5 employees and a production area of 70 square meters. Manager's concern between 1995 - 1997 was to expand the production area. That happened in 1997, when the company bought it's 1400 sqmeters production site. Due to the quick expansion, the company started working with France, Belgium, Holland and Germany even since 1997. In 2006 the number of employees raised to 130 persons and the annual income was over 1.200.000 Euro, and Monasil already started to be considered a strong partner of prestigious companies from entire Europe. The number of external partners grow constantly till present. Investing over 1 million euro in latest tech equipment (PFAFF, VEIT.KANEGISER, REECE and ASSYST BULLMER spreading table, CAD/CAM), involving experience and competence ensures a great quality concealed in our products . Working as a team ,the representative family – Silviu, Maria and Marinel Corfa are the foundation of the business. We are all proud to spread the know-how around Europe through the quality that is invested in all the garments produced by us.

The company profile in PDF format can be downloaded on the bottom of the page, containing more tehnical informations about our company.

Nothing will come for granted, and if it does, it will disappear as fast as it came. Only your dedication will fulfill your life….

Corfa Marinel - Founder of Monasil Comimpex Srl

Our Philosophy

Fashion is fashion. Never dis consider the details in a garment. The client is always focused on his product. Help everyone involved in order to help yourself !

Our Diplomas

  • TUV Cert ISO 9001

  • TOP 10 businesses in Neamt county

  • TOP 100 Romanian Textile Factorys

  • Tommy Hilfiger certification for approved laboratorie

  • 15 TINIMTEX participation diplomas

Get in touch

Please visit our contact page or use the details on the bottom of the page. Main contact person is Silviu Corfa, developing director.