• Superb classics

    Elegance has a total new meaning when you see the clothes that we are producing. It is a perfect combination between technology and hand work. With over 18 years of experience left behind, talent, skills and productivity is blended together.

  • Simply, minimal and elegant

    No matter how many complex operations were applied to a product, it will always look simply, minimal and elegant. We always use top edge accessories for shoulder, arm, collar and facing. All this combined with high quality thread and finishing products, we will always deliver class A quality clothes.

  • Highly adaptable

    Divided in three main production lines we are highly adapted for sampling, small or mass production. Our clients vary from huge worldwide brands to small new entry brilliant designers. All tastes are satisfied under Monasil's supervision, no matter the quantity, complexity or type of garment.

Monasil Comimpex is a full-service garment producer.

Monasil Comimpex is providing full-service in the garment industry for over 18 years. Either you need full product development, CAD/CAM services, Cut-Make-Trim services, we are able to help! Do not hesitate to built along with us a solid partnership.

Our Clients


Ladies wear !

Trussardi jeans

Ladies and men wear !


Ladies wear !


Ladies wear !

Francoise Pendville

Ladies wear !


Ladies wear !

Hansen and Jacob

Mens wear !


Ladies wear !

Tommy Hilfiger

Mens wear !


Mens wear !

Ti Mo

Ladies wear !

The bright future of your business start from here

As a full-service garment producer from 1993, our company can provide not only professional services such as pattern grading, plotting, cut-make-trim, but also professional guidance regarding your collections. Please feel free to contact us and pay us a visit to convince yourselves why so many brands chose to work with us.

All that you can imagine:

  • Latest technology
  • Dedicated profesionals
  • Top edge accesories
  • Blended young and experienced managers

Place your order. We will do the rest !

  • Plot Patterns
  • Make samples
  • Make production
  • Ensure transport
  • Advise on technologies used

No matter how many pieces you want to produce, we are flexible enough to:

  • Make sampling programs
  • Make mass production
  • Develop totally new products
  • Make designers unique products

Awards We received

Our awards since founded: soon !!!!

Recent works

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